February 26, 2021
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Nigeria’s coronavirus cases hit 2,950

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria have reached 2,950.

This was after Nigeria recorded 148 new cases of coronavirus.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) made this known in a tweet late on May 5.

NCDC added that deaths related to the virus were 98.

According to the Centre, 481 persons have been discharged.

Below is the breakdown of the new cases


















Source: africanews.com

Coronavirus: These things can kill you faster, avoid them

Did you know you had a higher risk of opening up yourself to infections and the coronavirus with a weak immune system?

A weak immune system opens you up to infections that your body cannot fight.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), The immune system is a network of cells throughout your body (in the skin, blood, elsewhere) that work together to prevent or limit infection from potentially harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses among others.

When the body lacks immunity, these cells are weakened and can barely support the body’s defence.

In the case of coronavirus, scientists and health professionals have associated most deaths and complications to persons with weak immune systems and with underlining health complications.

In fact, they have more often than not, advocated for everyone to develop lifestyles that will boost their immune systems because a good system will help fight off, together with other factors including treatment, the virus.

So why open up yourself up to death? Literally!

Aside age, weak immune systems are associated with certain lifestyles.

Yes, your everyday choice may adversely expose you and cause more harm than good.

A little fun never killed anyone, but just maybe, this is the time to avoid all of these, to keep strong and prepare your body against any infections and indeed COVID-19 pandemic, whilst adhering to all the safety protocols.

Here’s a compilation of things one MUST avoid if they want to have a strong immune system against the virus:


Aside damaging your liver, and digestive system, alcohol also harms your cardiovascular system.

Excessive drinking may impair the function of immune cells in the lungs and upper respiratory system leading to increased risk for pneumonia, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases including the upper respiratory distress syndrome.

According to health experts at Recovery Ways, any disease can become more severe in your body with the constant and excessive intake of alcohol. This is because the immunity of the mucus is impaired in both the lungs and the digestive tract.


It may be a habit but a single stick of cigarette or tobacco might cause you a lifetime of health complications; in this case, weaken your immune system and open you up for fatalities in the face of coronavirus infection.

A study, according to Medicinenet.com shows that aside lung cancer and heart diseases, cigarette smokers have a slower healing rate than anti-smokers.

Cardiologist and Heart specialist, Dr. Mehmet Oz also notes that chemicals in the cigarette smoke are an ongoing source of cells throughout the body, which means more exposure to lung-related diseases especially.

Stress and lack of sleep

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. It is, in fact, your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand.

In these times when everyone tries to work towards a goal to achieve something in society; a world full of struggles, inequalities, anxieties and fear, stress is easy to catch up with you but it is avoidable and manageable once you notice it.

Research shows that the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced when one is stressed, making us more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system.

Studies also show that people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold virus among others. Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick.

Lack of regular exercise

Research shows there is a direct relationship between exercise and the immune system. Studies have investigated how exercise affects the immune system. Regular moderate-intensity exercise is beneficial for immunity, but a view held by some is that more arduous exercise can suppress immune function, leading to an ‘open-window’ of heightened infection risk in the hours and days following exercise.

They say that, in the short term, exercise can help the immune system find and deal with pathogens, and in the long term, regular exercise slows down changes that happen to the immune system with ageing, therefore reducing the risk of infections.

It is for this reason everyone, especially in these times should avoid the ‘NO EXERCISE’ habit and adopt a healthy regular exercise routine to keep healthy.

Poor nutrition

Ever heard the phrase ‘what you eat is who you are?’ What we eat matters in deciding how good our immune system is. In fact, research proves that “excess consumption of red meat, sugar, saturated fat and low-fibre foods is a major factor which affects our immune system.

These food items lead to inflammation in the body, thereby causing several health issues. Consuming too much sugar curbs the immune system cells that attack bacteria, according to Harish.

It is more important in these times to avoid eating poorly. In our part of the country, it is true that inequalities exist and poverty doesn’t allow for many families to get a well-balanced diet.

But it is important, that as little as the food we eat, we include foods which are rich in nutrients like vitamins C and E, plus beta carotene and zinc.

It is also very important to include fruits and vegetables in our daily meals to boost the immune system and help fight any bacteria and in this case the virus which the world is fighting.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Emirates Introduces Generous Waiver Policy Enabling Customers To Book With Peace Of Mind

Emirates is providing customers more flexibility, choice and value through its newly introduced waiver policy for all booked tickets issued on or from today, 7 March until 31 March 2020, allowing customers across its network the choice of changing their travel dates without change and reissuance fees.

The move provides Emirates’ customers with peace of mind should they decide to change their travel plans due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. Customers can change their booking to any date for travel within an 11 month date range in the same booking class without change penalties. Difference in fare, if applicable applies. The policy covers all existing destinations across the Emirates network.

Adnan Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Airline, said: “We want our customers to feel fully supported, comfortable and confident when making travel plans, while offering them the best fares, without incurring change fees should they decide to delay or adjust dates. The situation remains dynamic and we will continue to look at ways to provide flexibility, convenience and peace of mind for our customers.”

Emirates Skywards will also be providing more flexibility to its members who have been impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus through imposed travel restrictions and flight reductions. Skywards Platinum, Gold and Silver members can maintain their current status by fulfilling 80% of their tier travel requirements between 31 March and 30 June 2020. In addition, Skywards members booked to travel between 1 March and 30 June 2020 will be able to benefit from an additional 20% bonus Tier Miles.

For additional peace of mind, Emirates is also taking its aircraft cleaning process to the next level through additional precautionary measures of implementing enhanced disinfecting procedures after flights from destinations most affected by COVID-19. If the airline is alerted to any suspect or confirmed cases of infectious diseases, teams will be immediately deployed for a deeper cleaning to thoroughly disinfect all cabins of that aircraft with stronger, approved chemicals.

Across all its aircraft, Emirates utilises HEPA filters, which are proven to remove more than 99% of viruses in the cabin environment. If there is a suspected case onboard, Emirates will go a step further to replace all the HEPA filters on the aircraft.

Customers are advised that fare differences or applicable taxes may apply if they wish to change their bookings to a different fare class. Current refund and rebooking conditions for tickets issued before 5 March still apply. Customers impacted due to cancellations of flights impacted by the COVID-19 virus are advised to check emirates.com for rebooking or rerouting options.

Customers who wish to change their travel arrangements after making bookings between 7 March and 31 March can visit their travel agent or contact the Emirates call centre at +233 302213131.

Dozens killed by heavy rain in Angola

Torrential rain in Angola has killed 41 people and caused widespread destruction, the government has confirmed.

Twelve out of 18 provinces were hit by a violent downpour which began in the early hours of Monday and lasted late into the afternoon, Interior Minister Eugenio Laborinho said in a statement.

Forty-one people died and more than 300 homes were destroyed by flooding, he said.

“In recent days we have been witnessing heavy rainfall, causing flooding, destruction of infrastructure and plantations,” he said.

More than 2,000 families had been affected, said Laborinho, warning that drinking water and electricity supplies had been cut off in some areas.

The rain comes on the heels of a severe regional drought caused by years of erratic rainfall and record-high temperatures.

Source: nation.co.ke

Man sues Buhari’s daughter, DSS, demands N500m

A trader, Anthony Okolie, who was arrested by the Department of State Services and detained for 10 weeks, has sued the DSS for N500m.

Okolie, in a suit filed before the Federal High Court in Asaba, Delta State, by his lawyer, Tope Akinyode, also demanded N500m from Hanan Buhari, the daughter of the President, Major General Muhammadu (retd.), as well as a telecommunications company, MTN.

The suit, with number FHC/ASB/CS/3/2020, is seeking an order to “compel the respondents (DSS, Hanan and MTN) jointly or severally to pay the applicant the sum of N500,000,000 only as general and aggravated damages for the gross and unlawful violation of the applicant’s right to acquire moveable properties, freedom of movement and self-dignity.”

The 33-year-old man said in a supporting affidavit that he was arrested on July 19, 2019, in Asaba, Delta State, for using a telephone line that was previously owned by Hanan.

According to him, he remained in custody, bound by handcuffs, till September 22, 2019, as the DSS waited for Hanan, who was schooling in the United Kingdom, to come and clear him but she never did.

Okolie also attached the receipt he was issued after purchasing the SIM card as well as the SIM certificate.

The affidavit read in part, “That on December 8, 2019, at Ogbeogonogo Market, Nebu Road, Asaba, Delta State, I purchased a SIM card with Phone Number, 09035666662, for the sum of N1,000 only and I received a SIM pack with accompanying documents as a result as evidence of purchase receipt.

“That in line with relevant regulations, I approached a kit operator of the 3rd respondent (MTN) named Jeff, who captured my biometric and registered the SIM card in my name and on my behalf.

“That in July, 2019, I visited my business associate at his residence in Asaba and saw him being taken away by officers of the 1st respondent (DSS). During the process, they obtained information from him on who he communicated with last over the phone and my associated announced that it was me.

“That immediately afterwards, officers of the 1st respondent (DSS) arrested me and led me to their vehicle, asking me to keep quiet and drove me to their offices in Asaba, Delta, State.

“That after a while, they disclosed that my arrest was ordered by the Presidency and I had to be taken to Abuja for further interrogation on which basis they drove me to Abuja by road the following day.”

The applicant stated that he explained to the DSS how he bought the SIM card but he was informed that the phone line, which was linked to his SIM card, was once used by Hanan.

“They thereafter labelled me a criminal for using a phone line that previously belonged to the 2nd respondent,” he said.

Okolie alleged that because of the personality involved, his case file was tagged, ‘First Family’ and he was denied access to his lawyers.

The trader claimed that his mother, who was not allowed to see him, developed high blood pressure while he lost a N5m business deal.

He added, “They also disclosed to me that the President wants to see me and my case was boldly earmarked, First Family. Based on the foregoing, officers of the 1st respondent (DSS) maintained that the 2nd respondent (Hanan) must be available to clarify her allegations against me before I was allowed freedom from their facilities.

“That the 2nd respondent (Hanan) was contacted several times by officers of the 1st respondent (DSS) but the 2nd respondent (Hanan) declined making herself available by claiming that she was busy with studies in the United Kingdom.”

Okolie asked the court to declare that his long detention was an abuse of his fundamental human rights.

He asked the court to declare that the actions of the DSS contravened sections 35 and 34 of the 1999 Constitution

Source: punchng.com

2023: Disquiet over ANN’s romance with RCCG

The debate over the 2023 general elections seems to be gaining momentum daily. This is irrespective of the fact that the current administration has more than three years to end.

That talks over the next election cycle, is to say the least, becoming destructive.

Little wonder the National Leader of All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, called for the jettisoning of the 2023 debate.

Tinubu, after a closed-door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, said attention should be focused on good governance, not the zone to produce the presidency in 2023. This admonition like others before it does not seem to make any meaning to the pro-2023 campaigners.

One of the vehicles that seems to be gainining prominence in this debate is the Alliance for New Nigeria, ANN, which appears to have the backing of a religious body to produce a presidential candidate in the 2023 election.

Sources said ANN is believed to have the backing of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on this.

According to sources, the party is believed to be a launching pad for a Christian presidential candidate, particularly of the Redeemed Church stock.

However, an informed source close to Pastor Adeboye pooh-poohed this, claiming this kite is being flown by fifth columnists close to the President, with the intention of de-marketing Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

According to this source, the main idea of flying this kite is to poison the mind of the President against Osinbajo. The plan, it was learned, is to portray him as being disloyal to the ruling APC and therefore make his chances of succeeding Buhari slim.

Another impeccable source told Vanguard that the plot ultimately seeks to discredit Osinbajo, after which he would be replaced with a top religious cleric from the Southwest.

It’s absolutely premature—Bewaji, CODER scribe

Expressing disappointment over the 2023 debate, a one-time member of the House of Representatives and Secretary of Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reform, CODER, Dr. Wunmi Bewaji, said it will cause distraction.

Bewaji said: As regards preparation, I think it is absolutely premature for any political party or group to start heating up the polity. “We all know there will be elections in 2023, but the current government has not spent a year of its four years tenure.

For anybody to start the talk, it will make us lose focus which means, we are ridiculing the electoral process. “I think there should be something about performance, the fulfillment of mandate and evaluation of the works of the government that have been elected.

How do we achieve this, which is part of the responsible citizenship we are talking about?

“If we jump from one election and start talking on the next election, where is the mandate, assessment, performance, and evaluation, amongst others?

“If you allow this government to perform, or not to perform, you allow the party to perform, deliver or not to deliver, that will shape whatever political discussion we are going to be having on the 2023 polls.

On religious bodies supporting a political party, he called on the Corporate Affairs Commission or the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to sanction such a body.

He said: “If there is any such religious body doing so, it is very shameful. It is shameful, and I will expect the Corporate Affairs Commission or the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to take appropriate action.

Religious bodies are charity organisations, so they do not have the license to involve in politics. In our constitution, there is a clear separation of the state from the church. The church does not interfere in the state, and the state does not interfere in church activities. Nigeria is a democracy, not a theocracy.

A situation where we allow any religious bigots to impose any candidate on us, I think it will be taking us back to centuries.”

It is wrong — Okorie

Also speaking, the National Chairman of United Progressives Party, UPP, Chief Chekwas Okorie, faulted the development.

He said: “First, it is against the constitution of Nigeria. I don’t know the religious body they are talking about, I am a member of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church can never do it.

It is not in the character of the Catholic Church to be partisan anywhere in the world. If they are talking of Christian bodies, maybe they are talking about Pentecostal.

“To use a religious denomination to endorse a particular candidate is not only dangerous considering the nature of our country as a multi-ethnic and religious society but also unconstitutional.

It could lead the nation into religious politics that could snowball into a religious war. The issue of religion is a matter of the heart, not a matter of the head.

“So if Muslims say they are endorsing a party that party will fail 10 times over. The same applies to this one that one denomination is supporting.”

RCCG denies involvement

But dissociating itself from the speculations that it is planning to adopt a political party ahead of the 2023 general elections, the church said there is no truth in such a rumour.

Speaking with Vanguard, the church’s head of Media and Public Relations, Pastor Olaitan Olubiyi, said there is no truth in such a rumour.

Olubiyi, who is also the Managing Editor of the official magazine of the church, the Redemption Light, said RCCG is home to everybody including politicians from different persuasions and cannot possibly align itself to a particular political party.

His words: “Besides, RCCG, a church organisation destined by the Lord Himself to take the world for Him, is not a political association which can transmute from its divine responsibility to affiliate itself with any political party to the detriment of its numerous members who belong to several political associations in the country.

“So there is no truth in that rumour. The RCCG has no desire to align itself with any political party ahead of 2023 or at any time. Ours is a spiritual organisation with a mission to take as many people with us to make heaven.

We intend to pursue that objective until every nation in the world is reached for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Bakare keeps mum

Efforts, however, to get Pastor Bakare proved abortive as his telephone line was not reachable.

Source: vanguardngr.com

Chasing citizenship in African countries: Cardi B, Ludacris, Idris Elba, Tiffany Haddish

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B is the latest icon to share excitement at the possibility of having citizenship of an African country, using social media to let her fans know that she’s ‘filing for Nigerian citizenship’.

Several other stars including British actor Idris Elba and American rapper Ludacris have recently been granted citizenship in Sierra Leone and Gabon respectively.

In this article, we explore the pride of citizenship of African nations from the perspective of celebrated icons.

Cardi B as Chioma in Nigeria

Cardi B, who recently visited Nigeria and Ghana last month as part of her African tour, announced her Nigerian citizenship desires following the U.S. airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani and sent Middle East tensions soaring.

“Its sad this man is putting Americans live in danger. Dumbest move Trump did till date … I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship,” she tweeted on Friday.

This week she asked fans to weigh in on whether her Nigerian name should be CHIOMA B or Cadijat.

Cardi B, who was born Belcalis Almanzar, is of Afro-Caribbean descent, tracing her roots to Trinidad and the Dominican Republic.

It was not immediately clear how the rapper might acquire citizenship in Nigeria.

Gabon’s Ludacris

Fellow rapper Ludacris recently acquired citizenship in Gabon after marrying a woman from the Central African nation.

Ludacris is married to Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, a 33-year-old model who spent most her childhood days in the French-speaking country before moving to the United States.Her father is American while her mother is Gabonese.

Elba traces father’s roots in Sierra Leone

British actor Idris Elba was last month given a passport from Sierra Leone, his late father’s birthplace.

“I’m no stranger to Africa: I’ve been in Africa, I’ve made films in Africa, I’ve championed Africa. But Sierra Leone, it’s a very different feeling because it’s my parent’s home,’‘ Elba said.

Eritrea’s Tiffany Haddish

In May, American author and comedian Tiffany Haddish was granted Eritrean citizenship during a visit to join in the 28th independence anniversary celebrations.

“Signing those papers and getting the validation meant the world to me. That is something my father wanted,’‘ Tiffany told the information ministry’s news outlet.

Air France probes death of stowaway on Abidjan – Paris flight

Air France is probing circumstances under which an individual managed to stowaway on a flight between the Ivorian capital Abidjan and the French capital Paris.

The carrier confirmed that the body of the deceased was found in the landing gear compartment of a plane at the Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris.

“Air France confirms that the lifeless body of a stowaway was found in the landing gear compartment of the aircraft operating flight AF703 from Abidjan to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on 7 January 2020,” Air France said in a statement.

The airline also expressed its “deepest sympathy and compassion at this human tragedy.”

Even though the Airline has not commented on the age of the deceased, the body was that of a child aged around 10, AFP news agency quotes an unnamed source close to the investigation as saying.

Source: africanews.com

Zimbabwe president takes leave and hands power to deputies

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken a three-week leave and handed power to his two vice presidents.

Zimbabwe media has published articles on the president’s leave highlighting how he will be on vacation within the country.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga will be the acting president for the first half of the president’s leave, then his counterpart Kembo Mohadi will take over.

Mr Chiwenga is reportedly away in China according to Newsday newspaper.

A statement by President Mnangagwa’s secretary George Charamba said the president will be on annual leave till end of January.

“The President will spend his vacation in the country,” he wrote.

Source: bbc.com

General election 2019: Johnson to welcome new MPs to Westminster

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address his new intake of Conservative MPs later as they arrive in Westminster to take their seats in Parliament.

Many of the 109 new MPs won in areas traditionally held by Labour in Thursday’s election, which saw the Conservatives gain an 80-seat majority.

Their first job will be to vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill that the PM intends to bring back before Christmas.

Mr Johnson is also expected to carry out a mini cabinet reshuffle.

He needs to fill posts made vacant by those who stood down ahead of the general election, including the culture and welsh secretary posts.

The Queen will formally open Parliament on Thursday when she sets out the government’s legislative programme.

It is thought the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) on leaving the EU could be put before MPs as early as Friday.

Ahead of the private speech, a Number 10 source said: “The PM has been very clear that we have a responsibility to deliver a better future for our country and that we must repay the public’s trust by getting Brexit done.

“That’s why the first piece of legislation new MPs will vote on will be the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.”

With the large majority, the bill is expected to pass through Parliament in time to meet Boris Johnson’s promise for the UK to leave the EU on 31 January.

Mr Johnson then has to negotiate a new trade agreement with the EU and have it ratified before the end of the post-Brexit transition period that ends on 31 December 2020. He has repeatedly said that the transition period will not be extended.

The Queen’s speech is also expected to include legislation linked to pledges made during the election campaign – most notably a guarantee on NHS funding.

Moves to get the Northern Ireland goverment at Stormont up and running again are also expected, with talks resuming before Christmas.

Source: bbc.com