From Fashion To Gospel Music : Magdalene Is Enjoying Her New Life With God & Releases A Gospel Single

Magdalene Narh Combarieu, AKA Maddy  or Fashion Pilot spent four years as a celebrity stylist, entrepreneur and fashion designer who operated her own company called Fashion Pilot.

During our interview, she shared how her walk with Christ started recalling her last celebrity styling job before she fully committed to letting go and working for God on the set of “African girl” by Fuse ODG, Ft Kidi and Kwame Eugene.

While attending her normal duties on set, she was consumed by God’s grace and love which drove her to sing and pray the whole time during the 3 days shoot.

Months later, she released her debut single “I’ll run to you”. Which is OUT NOW ( A song inspired by Jesus saving her soul  and showing her love beyond her imagination.

She stated joyfully  the  beauty of walking with Jesus; As he blesses with peace, joy and love. Also, She’s thankful to God for coming to her aid when she needed him most.

Magdalene’s plan is to win souls and touch lives  for Christ while working in accordance with the will of God. Through that , Gods Grace will make her create impact in the lives of others.

She revealed her love to travel the world to discover the beauty of creation as it reminds her of the love and power of God seeing the creativity of God’s design and it’s uniqueness in each country.

She assures  Jesus is the way, the truth and life that we should open our hearts to him to feel alive and beautiful.

Social media handles:

IG: magdalenenarhcombarieu

Facebook: magdalenenarhcombarieu

Twitter: MagdaleneComb

 Click the link below to listen and watch her Holy Spirit filled song with amazing music video visuals “I’ll run to you”

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